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Make a difference in Bible Translation

Even with all the resources poured into Bible Translation, there are still difficult passages that cause translators to stumble — and even to give up.

Scriptura’s work is integral to making Psalms, one of the most difficult yet most strategic books of the Bible, accessible to all translation teams. Without being able to translate the book of Psalms, the international translation goal of making the full Bible available in every language will never be met. Scriptura is essential to the accurate translation from the original languages to target languages, particularly the translation of Hebrew poetry.

We are committed to helping achieve the ETEN All-Access Goals by ensuring all people everywhere have God’s Word in a language and format that enables them to understand it by 2033 — the 2,000th anniversary of the Great Commission. Over the next decade, experts anticipate that 1,000 different translation teams will attempt the Psalms. Our Psalms: Layer by Layer can improve their quality and accelerate their pace, sometimes reducing the time required by up to 50%. We plan to complete the full suite of Psalms: Layer by Layer resources for all the Psalms in 2026, improving the quality and increasing the speed of these Bible translations.

The Psalms: Layer by Layer project provides Bible translators with a single, coherent interpretation overview video that unlocks the meaning of each Psalm. If they would like to go deeper, we offer an exegetical layer video and a poetic layer video. There are four additional layers for those who want to explore the depths of scholarship. Each layer of analysis provides more profound insight, including linguistic material, literary analysis, biblical theology, the writer’s emotions, visual representations of the structure, semantics, etc.

Translation professionals and an independent study at Prescience Labs in 2023 have validated the effectiveness of Scriptura's work. Prescience Labs found that Psalms: Layer by Layer materials provide language teams with "helpful and conveniently usable resources to mitigate the frustrations surrounding the translation of Hebrew poetry and to aid in producing translations that retain both the accuracy and the emotional intent of the Psalms while using a culturally appropriate poetic format." You can read the full report here.

The financial needs

As a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, Scriptura relies on charitable gifts for all our funding. Our total operating budget to accomplish the Scriptura ministry plan in 2025 is $2.4 million, which we are working on raising now. Read our financial statements.

Does Scriptura's work align with your own calling to be part of enabling Bible Translation with integrity across the globe?

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