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Why can't translators and other interpreters of the Bible make use of all the scholarship that already exists?

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Not available

It's locked behind paywalls or in formats that don't travel where they travel.

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Not accessible

It's confusing, with scholarly jargon and impenetrable prose, and is often only in English.

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Not useful

It doesn't ask the same questions Bible translators and interpreters are asking.

Our mission is to make worthy scholarship availableaccessible 

and useful to interpreters of the Bible.


1. Define the target audience

Meet our personas, characters developed from intended user research who represent real people in translation teams around the globe.

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2. Gather and package worthy scholarship

Our first project on the Psalms uses visualisations and layers to address multiple audience needs.

Summary of Emotion in Psalm 1.jpg

3. Produce any new scholarship needed

One key need Oral Bible translators and Sign Language translators have asked for is emotional exegesis.


There's so much information . . . The [translation] team is getting waterboarded with words. To do something like we want to do take time and care. There's art involved in translation."

Bill Bivin

SIL Global Consultant Pool Director 

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