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We depend on the insight and expertise of many: Bible translators, scholars, technology professionals, and artists. There are many ways to get involved.
Create a visualisation

Creators produce a draft of a Psalms visualisation. In preparation, they watch an introductory video and attend a workshop which introduces the method and provides an opportunity to practice it with others. Creators are also encouraged to bring their work to regular Open Sessions for collaboration and informal feedback. 

Create an argument map 

An argument map is a visual representation of the logical structure of an argument. Each map traces a scholarly argument concerning an interpretive issue in the Psalms (e.g., the meaning of נשקו בר in Ps. 2:12). For for information about argument mapping, see its project page

Review a visualisation

Reviewers provide feedback on the quality and usefulness of visualisations – from its academic rigour to its utility for users with limited English. Although most reviewers have a background in linguistics and/or Hebrew language, they need not be content specialists.

Develop a template

Templates are the methodological basis for all visualisations. Because most templates begin as scholarly intuition, each one must be honed by template creators who work together to develop each template before its alpha-version release. Template creators are specialists or well-acquainted with the specific content area. 

Advise on project content

Advisors are content specialists who evaluate one part of the project and meet with project leadership to discuss and/or critique it. Some of our advisors meet regularly as an Academic QA team for the project, others meet just once to provide guidance in their area of expertise, and others present at our monthly all-contributor meeting (e.g. on lexical semantics, conceptual metaphor theory, and translation resources for the deaf).

Advise on non-profit business

Business experts are needed in all areas: finance, fundraising, strategising, management, and administration. We currently have monthly financial reviews and operational advisory meetings. Our fundraising model incorporates both small, regular donors as well as larger, one-time gifts.

Resources for Contributors

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Scriptura Forum

The virtual meeting space for all contributors of the Psalms and metaphor projects. Find the event calendar and zoom links, visualisation reviews, and resource material. 


Miro - Virtual Whiteboard

Contributors collaborate using this platform, which shows work in real-time.

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Creator Guidlines

Find the contributor instructions for each analytical layer here.

Google Drive

Scriptura Zotero Library

A collaborative, growing bibliography for resources relating to biblical interpretation and translation


View recent project meetings.


Join us

Attend the next monthly gathering

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