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Psalm 3

"A shield over me"


Overview_Ps 3


Answers the question: "What is the psalmist trying to accomplish?"


Answers the question: "What theological truth might an ancient or contemporary audience draw from this Psalm?


Answers the question: "What argument(s) does the psalmist make to accomplish this purpose?


Orientation_Ps 3

Background ideas

Key pieces of information that were likely assumed by the original audience. 

Background situation

The scene into which the psalm may have been spoken. It represents in graphic form the events that led up to the time of the psalm.



The main verse groupings of the psalm and their boundaries. Each section is given a heading, a brief content summary, and an icon.


The at-a-glance also displays the most significant connection(s) within the psalm [not shown in the image here].

At-a-glance_Ps 3

Translations as Tools


No single translation can fully capture the meaning and beauty of the original Hebrew. These different English renderings each has its own specific purpose, but all highlight a particular feature(s) of the biblical text. 


Psalm 3


1. A psalm by David, when he fled from the presence of Absalom, his son.

2. YHWH, how my adversaries have multiplied. Many are those opposing me.

3. Many are those saying about my soul, “There is no salvation for him in God.” Selah.

4. But you, YHWH, are a shield around me, my honour and the one who lifts my head.

5. Whenever I cry out to YHWH with my voice, he responds to me from his holy mountain. Selah.

6. I lay down and fell asleep. I woke up, for YHWH supports me.

7. I will not be afraid of myriads of people who have taken position against me all around.

8. Rise up, YHWH. Save me, my God. For you have struck all of my enemies on the jaw. You have broken the teeth of wicked people.

9. Salvation is YHWH’s. Your blessing is on your people. Selah.

* The "close-but-clear" is a formal-equivalent rendering of the Hebrew. It is based on the interlinear, adjusted for English word-order. It aims to be as close to the Hebrew as possible while still being clear in English. 


Psalm 3

1.  A psalm by David, when he fled from his son, Absalom.


2. YHWH, see how my enemies have multiplied!
    Those rising against me are too many to count.


3. Many are saying about me,
    “God won’t save him!” Selah.


4. But you, YHWH, are a shield over me!
    You restore my honour and lift up my head!


5. Whenever I call out to YHWH,
    He answers me from his sacred mountain. Selah.


6. I lay down and fell asleep.
    I woke up, because YHWH is the one who sustains me!


7. I will not be afraid of tens of thousands of people
    who take position against me on every side.


8. Rise, YHWH! Rescue me, my God!
    You have shamed all my past enemies with a blow to the jaw!
    You have rendered wicked people toothless!


9. YHWH is the one who saves!
    Your people are the ones you bless. Selah.

** The "synthesis" is a dynamic-equivalent rendering, intended to support the Synthesis (at-a-glance) visualisation.

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